What do an agriculture training platform and Honey Creek Resort have in common?

A nurse, A businessman, and a Governor walk into a bar… it’s a great setup to a joke right? What if it was real? Minus the bar it really is. When you have a vision, the ability to execute, and the connections just about anything is possible. 

Terry and Beth Henderson’s journey is a fascinating story of personal and professional evolution. They first met in Des Moines in 1989, marrying within the same year after a whirlwind courtship. Initially, Terry worked for Dow while Beth, a nurse, worked in occupational health. Their entrepreneurial spirit was evident early on, with Beth starting a medical case management company in 1995 and Terry founding Achieva in 1997.

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Their ventures were influenced by their respective backgrounds. Beth’s nursing experience led her to establish a medical case management firm, while Terry’s role in government and public affairs at Dow inspired him to create Achieva. Achieva initially focused on media training and public affairs, leveraging Terry’s expertise in handling media relations and navigating the complex landscape of agricultural technologies.

Over time, Achieva evolved into the largest agriculture training company in North America, focusing on online training, animation, and gamification. This shift was in response to the growing demand for accessible, engaging training solutions in the agricultural sector. The company specializes in offering certification and training programs to agriculture professionals, emphasizing stewardship in crop protection and production technologies.

The Hendersons’ entrepreneurial journey took another significant turn with their acquisition of Honey Creek Resort. This venture was an extension of Achieva’s offerings, providing a physical location for hosting clients and conducting in-person training sessions. The resort also serves as a testament to their commitment to rural economic development and the agricultural community.

Throughout their journey, the Hendersons have emphasized the importance of innovation, adaptability, and community engagement. Their story is a compelling example of how personal passions can translate into successful business ventures that contribute significantly to their industry and community.

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