What is WHO Radio?

WHO Radio 1040AM Studios, Des Moines Iowa
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WHO Radio is an iconic radio station that broadcasts from Des Moines, Iowa on the 1040AM dial. Due to the 50,000 watt signal, coverage easily reaches the entire midwest, even to Texas when weather conditions are perfect.

Although the news coverage is non-partisan, the station’s personalities have historically leaned conservative/Republican. Current show hosts Simon Conway, and Jeff Angelo host conservative shows, as did previous show hosts have been Jan Mickelson, Steve Deace. WHO Radio also carries right leanning The Sean Hannity Show, and Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show, who took over for Rush Limbaugh after his passing in 2021.

The Max and Amy show, hosted by Maxwell Schaeffer and Amy Sweet replaced the Van and Bonnie Show after Van Harden and Bonnie Lucas retired in 2020. Both shows were non-partisan.

The Ronald Reagan Station

WHO Radio is often called the Ronald Reagan station because the former President got his start in sports coverage for the station, originally co-channeled with WOC Radio from Davenport.

Reagan was transferred to WHO Radio in 1933, and worked for the station until 1937. He would go on to become the sports director.

Saturday Morning Live, WHO Radio

Justin Brady and Adrianne Branstad in the WHO Radio Studios, Des Moines, IA

The Iowa Podcast show host, Justin Brady, hosted two shows over 3 years on WHO Radio in Des Moines. He hosted Saturday Morning Live for two years with Adrianne Branstad, then went on to do his own show.

The Justin Brady Show has separated from WHO Radio after iHeart radio cancelled all local content across the nation. The show set record weekend ratings and was known for being fair to all sides of the political spectrum. Its “data-driven opinion” format, allowed Brady to host 6 Presidential candidates in studio. Democrats, Republicans and Independents were frequent, well-respected guests.

Brady joined Saturday Morning Live as a temporary fill-in host in January of 2017 taking over for Jamie Johnson, after he left the station to join the US Department of Homeland Security. He later joined the show as its official host. The show set ratings records, broke digital records, and was the most profitable weekend show in station history.

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