The Iowa Soybean Industry is a manufacturing force to be reckoned with

Up close picture of soybeans

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Whether you’re building with it, making food out of it, using it as fuel to haul your freight, or rubber in your tires, the future looks bright for the 40,000 soybean producers in Iowa.

Trailing only Illinois in soybean production, Iowa is on the forefront in growing, distributing, making scientific advancements and selling soy products internationally. Aaron Putze, Chief Officer, Strategy and Brand Management for the Iowa Soybean Association offers the latest on all things soy.

The Value of Iowa Soybeans

Aaron Putze, Chief Officer, Strategy and Brand Management for the Iowa Soybean Association with Leis Fox

Learn about Iowa’s Soybean landscape, our rankings, percent of GDP, workforce, etc. Learn about the major uses in Animal Feed, BioFuel, Exports, Food and all sorts of new uses like tires, roofs and turf. Iowa’s R&D climate allows for a great breeding ground for innovation and advancements allowing new growing environments and increased productivity in the industry. The things most critical in maintaining Iowa’s long-term competitiveness are our competitive Regulatory Climate, technological advancements through public private partnerships, land use, workforce and overall business climate. Iowa’s soybeans are used in so many facets of manufacturing, whether it is fueling our equipment, transporting our goods, or used in literally every type of food imaginable, our economy relies on soybeans and their efficient, sustained, and plentiful bounty.

Aaron Putze, in his 13 years with the Iowa Soybean Association has weathered many storms and seen amazing progress in the industry. The success of which has been rooted in strong leadership. He talks about many of those Iowa leaders in his book, You are Destined for Greatness.

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