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  • City of Des Moines city hall

    Mayoral candidate wants Des Moines open for business.

    Connie Boesen is running for Mayor of Iowa’s capital city and largest city by population, Des Moines. Why? Because she wants Des Moines open for business. Des Moines’ current mayor, Frank Cownie has served since 2003. Connie Boesen Boesen formerly served on the Des Moines Public School board and currently serves on the Des Moines city…

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  • Bank Iowa CEO on SVB Crisis and Impact on Iowans

    The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and takeover by Federal regulators sparked concern in the banking industry causing the DOW to lose 500 points early today (Wednesday). Jim Plagge, the CEO of Bank Iowa explains what happened, why it happened, and what impact this will have on Iowans.  In just 30 min you will…

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  • Iowa DOT Director on Train Derailments and New Road Tech

    What happens if a train derails in Iowa? Scott Marler, Director of the Iowa DOT explains how prepared our state is for train derailments, how common derailments are, why construction zones block off lanes for no reason, and new roadwork worker tech that talks to your car’s navigation app. Marler also discusses the federal infrastructure…

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