Growing Iowa produce in the winter?

Clayton Mooney, Founder and Chief Farmer of Clayton Farms

We all know the term “farm to table,” but what about “indoor-farm-to-table” AND “same-day-harvest-to-table?” That’s a mouthful. Clayton Mooney, founder of Clayton Farms (formerly Nebulam) explains how their model works in this episode. Mooney believes indoor farming in Iowa and same-day harvest-delivery subscription service is the future of produce.

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Clayton Mooney, CEO of Clayton Farms

Their original plan did not include being the farm itself, but instead, the indoor-farming version of John Deere. However, COVID-19 derailed the original business plan forcing Mooney and company to find a way to stay afloat during the nationwide shutdown. Mooney explains the technology behind the indoor farms. It isn’t vertical farming that has grown in popularity, instead think Ikea for produce. 

Utilizing every inch is important, so the focus on leafy greens and vine produce is Clayton Farms’ sweet spot. So no, they do not grow corn, shocking for Iowa right? Their focus is on getting consumers the most sustainable and affordable produce subscription service possible.  New produce rolling out every 3 months based on the consumer’s feedback. That’s practically unheard of for a produce company, but it’s what separates Clayton Farms from the rest. 

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What’s better than directly meeting the farmer that’s growing the food you are going to be eating? Mooney stresses the importance of face-to-face interaction for growing a business. In a world of online marketing, Clayton Farms takes the “old school route” with door stickers as a part of the company’s marketing strategy. 

What is Clayton Farms?

Clayton Farms is an indoor farm. A major advantage Clayton Farms has over traditional grocery stores is owning the production chain from harvest and transportation to produce being stocked. For produce markets, it takes multiple days from start to end.

What most American consumers do not realize is that vegetables lose ⅓ of the nutrients three days after harvest. With a same-day harvest-delivery subscription service, Clayton Farms ensures its consumers are receiving a unique delivery of nutrient-dense vegetables to meet their personal needs. 

Delivered in a bright green reusable bag and reusable ice pack to guarantee quality produce, while remaining a sustainable brand, is another aspect that sets them apart from national providers.

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