New Honey Creek Resort owners to elevate property to 5-star resort

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The biggest critics of The Honey Creek Resort at Lake Rathbun are its new owners. Beth and Terry Henderson had originally planned on working with the resort to host some events for their agriculture company, but quickly ran into a problem: the resort fell short of their expectations. So they bought it. Even though they took over in April, they’ve already been quickly renovating the property and have no plans to stop until they hit a 4 or 5 star experience.

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For starters the property will be open year-round. They’ve added holiday programming, rebranded the restaurants, remodeled major parts of the property, and are adding a bourbon and wine bar. Cabin and room renovations are in process too. The Lake Rathbun area is stunning, but the couple believes The Honey Creek Resort hasn’t been the crown jewel of southeastern Iowa like it should be. They also announced a partnership with Atlantic Bottling Company that will add some Coke-themed attractions.

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