Iowa City has BIG plans. Will they have the money?

Kim Casko, CEO of Iowa City Business Partnership

Kim Casko, CEO of the Iowa City Area Business Partnership says the Iowa City area has really big plans. A mass transit system, affordable childcare, affordable housing, internet for all, and new river projects. She explains how the Better Together 2030 All In Vision Plan came to be and how the pandemic helped.

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Kim Casko, CEO of the Iowa City Area Business Partnership

Casko expands on Iowa City area projects focused on growing the area in 2030. It’s quite a big lift! She also touches on the new art building at the University of Iowa. Also, did you know there’s a new gamified gold venue coming to Tiffin and some new developments in North Liberty? 

Iowa City River runs directly through the city and Casko says community builders realized the financial opportunities it could bring to the city. Thanks to the government grant, Destination Iowa, utilizing this waterway, is much more accessible, lessening the financial burden. Iowa City area residents can expect kayaking, paddle boarding and boat launching, but if water sports aren’t your thing, there’s more.  New theaters, bike paths and amenities along the river are going to be built as well, and finding a way to connect everything as one is on their radar as well.

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The biggest point Casko made throughout the entire interview was how essential connecting everything together is to growth. From plans to improve the city, to how the projects will be funded, or how counties and cities are going to become connected.

Listen to this interview to learn more about how outsourcing funds from local companies to national resources is going to provide the best amenities for Iowa residents. The plans Casko and her team have developed are designed to pave the way for innovation and a new standard of living for everyone in Iowa. COVID-19   exposed weaknesses in the greater Iowa City area.. There is still much to come for Iowa City thanks to the Better Together 2030 All In Vision Plan.

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