Back to the Basics in Manufacturing Technology

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On today’s Iowa Manufacturing Podcast, we are speaking with Michael Bird, CEO of Spindustry. Spindustry helps organizations, often manufacturers, with website and e-commerce strategy, digital marketing, and SharePoint services for those using Office365 for office automation.

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Our focus today is on manufacturers getting back to basics when it comes to marketing and data management. Often the sexy topics like AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing and 3D CAD get the attention, but so many manufacturers and dealers are making missteps with brand, marketing, dealer channel relations and websites.

Do you have access to your Google Analytics? Can your website and products be found on Google? Does your ERP or business system talk to your website if you are doing e-commerce or are you doing double or triple data entry? Are you telling your story to your widest potential audience and promoting it via digital? Are you taking full advantage of trade shows with good pre-planning and follow up?

If the answer is no to any of these things, this episode is worth a listen. Today we speak with Michael Bird of Spindustry who helps manufacturers with e-commerce strategy. Manufacturers need to get back to basics. Failing at brand, marketing, dealer channel relations and the web are issues. Do you have Google Analytics? Does your ERP talk to your website? Are you telling your story via digital? If not, tune in.

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