Strategic Recruiting in Manufacturing

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Nicky Wallace highlights the various ways to outsource recruiting in your operation. Whether you choose an RPO (Recruiting Process Outsourcing), traditional recruiting or a staffing agency, all means can be a huge help in getting the right candidate in the door. Oftentimes, the cost savings will more than pay for their services.

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Recruiting employees into Iowa manufacturing?

Nicky Wallace, after years working in a large national firm, has taken her knowledge and experience and coupled it with the attention, nimbleness and focus of a small boutique firm that truly knows and cares about its customers.  

1. Meet them where they are.

Nicky Wallace with Leisa Fox in the Iowa Manufacturing Podcast studio
Nicky Wallace with Leisa Fox in the studio

If you’ve seen one manufacturer, you’ve seen one manufacturer.  No two are alike.  Recruiting strategies must be developed uniquely based on geography, demographics, skills and compensation levels.  Recruiting has become as much about marketing as it has a function of HR.  The days of posting and praying are long gone.  Whether you are engaging in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, hiring temporary employees or facilitating a paid search, the most critical element to the recruiting process is communicating the position effectively and building strategies that keep your company’s brand at the top of the job boards.  

2. Outsource what you can

In many organizations, HR includes hiring, training, safety, onboarding, employee benefits administration, and much much more.  By outsourcing the things that take the most time and bring the least value to the organization, it doesn’t take long to move the dime on the key challenges.  Oftentimes, the early stages of the recruitment process can easily be offloaded to a professional that is trained to make the very most out of every cog in the wheel.