LifeServe – Manufacturing Life Saving Products in Three States

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Iowa Manufacturing Podcast host Leisa Fox interviews Stacy Sime, CEO of the Iowa Blood Center
Leisa Fox with Stacy Sime, CEO of the Iowa Blood Center

In the throws of Covid, Stacy Stime and her team had no idea what to do or how to do it. Hear how they took all the information they had to make the very best decisions they could to serve as many people as possible. In times of crisis, you really get to see your leaders shine. The team at LifeServe was able to be first to market on Covid blood treatments and serve more patients than many of their national counterparts.

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Imagine being responsible for saving lives through the donations of 1000s of volunteers. It is hyper-critical to transport on time and that every drop is utilized in the best possible way. Each year, millions of individuals rely on blood transfusions to treat acute care needs such as trauma as well as for ongoing disease management. The blood community’s top priority is maintaining the safety and adequacy of the blood supply on behalf of these patients. Stacy and her team run one of the most efficient, productive facilities in Iowa.