Have Iowa Universities Recovered? Administrator Gives New Outlook.

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UPDATE 9/13/23: The University of Northern Iowa has posted record enrollment numbers. Their highest in a decade. See the Tweet from Pete Moris.

It’s no secret, Iowa Universities and Colleges took a beating during the last few years. With the student debt crisis taking center stage, how is enrollment? Pete Moris, Director of University Relations at The University of Northern Iowa gives us an early enrollment outlook, discusses mental health efforts, and tells parents (and students) what to expect.

We also discuss if the zero-alcohol moment has come to college campuses, the role higher education plays in preparing students with time management, healthy habits, and the future AI-infused workforce. Moris also discusses why the college experience as a whole is the antidote for the isolation problem sweeping the country. 

Enrollment Numbers for University of Northern Iowa

UNI is now starting to see a bit of bounce back in enrollment numbers. Although Moris wouldn’t release official numbers, it does seem as though University enrollment has fully recovered from pandemic-related losses.

“I’m really optimistic, we’re going to hopefully surpass some of the numbers in the past couple years,” said Moris when asked about enrollment numbers since 2019 and 2020 declines. “That [sic] incoming freshman and transfer number is really encouraging here at UNI. With our partnership with community colleges across the state of Iowa, we’re really seeing an uptick in folks transferring from 2-year institutions, seeking to finish off that 4-year Bachelor’s Degree at UNI.”

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Pete Moris, Director of University Relations at University of Northern Iowa

Pete Moris is the Director of University Relations at The University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. You can follow him here: @PeteMoris on X (fka Twitter).

Making the best of college.

Here are Pete Moris’ top 5 tips on making the best of your University / College education in your first year.

1. Get involved with a campus club, organization or group.

Research shows that students engaged in one more of these groups are more likely to graduate and have a more positive experience. 

Pete Moris, Director of University Relations at University of Northern Iowa

2. Exercise self-control.

By far the most student conduct issues occur within the first six weeks of school. The majority of incidents involve impairment due to alcohol or other substances. 

3. Time management is key.

Time management is one of the most crucial elements for any student. Many schools offer tutorials to help students allocate their time wisely. 

4. Take care of yourself and know your limits.

Most schools have a recreation and/or wellness center. Developing a good diet and wellness routine can help alleviate stress. Good sleep habits are also key. If you’re getting four hours of sleep per night, you’re not going to be at your best. 

5. Take advantage of free resources.

There are quite a few resources available to students, it’s important to ask about how to find them before you need them. Whether it’s academic support, the health center or centers for underrepresented communities, there are lots of resources available. 

Bonus tip. Find your people.

Similar to the first bullet, students who develop a group of friends with similar interests have a better overall experience. Many of these lifelong friendships are formed early during your freshman year in your residence hall. 

Other University of Northern Iowa Topics

We didn’t get to everything on the interview with Moris, so here are a few other things the University of Northern Iowa.