Industry 4.0 for Manufacturers Made Easy? No Way!

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Varsha Jayade uses her experience building efficiencies, eliminating bottlenecks and predicting profitability with companies like Whirlpool and Pella Corporation to increase margin and create sustainable business models with her clients all over Iowa. Learn how to implement IOT (Internet of Things) and real time analytics to enhance workflow and increase productivity in this episode.

Data is King

Varsha Jayade with Leisa Fox in the Iowa Manufacturing Podcast studio
Varsha Jayade with Leisa Fox

Industry 4.0 means something different to every manufacturing leader.  The truth of the matter is every facility has opportunities to leverage data, automate processes and improve throughput. Varsha, with her experience with manufacturing companies like Maytag, Whirlpool and Pella Corporation has helped improve real time data to identify bottlenecks in all facets of an operation.

Those bottlenecks could exist in shipping, accounting, processing, procurement. . . With the right data points, all things can be measured and monitored so that issues are identified before they cost the organization valuable resources that occur in rework and missed timelines.  

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Where do I start?

When incorporating the Internet of Things and leveraging opportunities for improving real time data monitoring, the best way to start is the lowest hanging fruit.  What solutions require the least amount of resources while creating the lowest amount of disruption?  

What is the most common barrier to implementing 4.0 solutions? The most common barrier is fear of change.  Any time you implement something new, there is fear.  Overcoming that fear with a vision for the future state and the expected ROI is critical.

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