Iowans dumping Instagram? New data shows Iowa social media use.

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For the first time, fewer Iowans are using Instagram. According to a new report by Iowa company, Blue Compass, Iowans are changing their social media habits across the board. Drew Harden shares how Iowans use social media, why Facebook is regaining some steam, and why small businesses actually have an edge on big brands when it comes to social media and web presence.

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Harden and his team analyzed Iowan’s social media use, what apps they prefer, and what they spend most time doing on their phones (hint: it’s not talking!) We explain Snapchat’s incredible growth and why Instagram has lost favor with Iowans due to some changes in the app. We also discuss if LinkedIn has any hope of recovering from its death spiral.

Drew Harden with Justin Brady at the Brady Dental Care Clinic

Harden also discusses the incredible advantage local Iowa businesses have on social media. Even though big brands and news companies seem to take up most of the oxygen on social media, local brands still have an edge. Trust! Even though the bigger accounts may post more information and more polished images, Harden says local presence is still a winner. People trust their neighbors, not big faceless brands. Sadly, small business support in Iowa isn’t always easy, and many believe they can’t win. Tragic!

Local businesses, according to Harden, can win, sell via social, and even attract the local community to your storefront. Also, Iowa business owners have far more control over how their information shows up in search engines that they believe. The Blue Compass co-founder explains some tactics you can put in place now to walk circles around Amazon.


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