Lashier’s Newest Company Exceeds all Performance Expectations

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Operating a family business can be hard, but it’s not for the Lashiers. Transitioning to an entirely new business can be hard, but it wasn’t for the Lashiers. Breaking into a whole new market can be hard, but again, it wasn’t for the Lashiers. The key to their success? They know their product, they’re passionate about their service and they love what they do. Who wouldn’t love creating fun, unique, huge signs and graphics that are seen by millions every day?

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When Andy and Bob Lashier saw the printer/copier industry diminishing because more and more people don’t go into an office and rely on digital technology, they started using their own large format copier to produce items their clients couldn’t. Many of their copier and printer clients are their graphic and signage clients today. The transition has been easy for them and the business is growing at a rapid rate. “Things couldn’t be better,” Andy Lashier said.