Where did WHO Radio host Andy Petersen of The Big Show go?

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Fans in Iowa and the midwest are still scratching their heads. Where did Andy Petersen, host of The Big Show on WHO Radio and WMT Radio go? Petersen is well known in Iowa. Listeners of The Max and Amy show, previously the Van and Bonnie Show have been familiar with his farm updates for years. But late last year he suddenly vanished and no one has heard his voice on the airwaves since. Until today.

The Big Show is the largest, most influential agriculture radio show in not just Iowa but the entire midwest. Late last year however, with zero explanation from WHO Radio or WMT Radio, Andy Petersen simply disappeared. In this exclusive interview, he explains the full backstory, shares his concerns about mass media, and explains the future of agriculture in Iowa.

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The Big Show, on WHO Radio and WMT Radio

The Big Show brings in an enormous chunk of business for WHO Radio, WMT Radio and iHeart Radio. For seven years, Petersen was a key component of that success. He has built immeasurable brand value for the station.

Everyone in the agriculture space in the state knows him, and because he’s still an active farmer in the state his first-hand credibility is what makes him unique. Perhaps that’s why even after his departure, he hasn’t stopped hosting events in partnership with many of the associations that keep our state’s agriculture scene running. 

Petersen explains what he’s up to, why he is no longer with WHO Radio, WMT Radio and The Big Show and hints at what’s next. 

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Andy Petersen on his respect for Iowa ag associations.

After his departure from The Big Show, the industry responded in a big way. Iowa Corn Growers Association, Iowa Soybean Association, Iowa Pork Producers Association, Iowa Cattleman’s Association are just a few names Petersen mentioned that have reached out wanting to continue working with him in some capacity.

He says it’s because community is the most valuable aspect of local media, but he fears the community aspect is being lost. There is a major disconnect in media right now, and the disconnect between community and media is a major component.

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