Four Practical Tips in Tapping into New Employment Pools for Manufacturing

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In this episode, Bill Raine discusses the new post-covid employment climate and how to stay competitive in recruiting those entry level folks. Whether it is amending your drug testing policies to accommodate the changing legalized recreational use across the country, tapping into and providing resources to the refugee employment base, economically providing reliable transportation or outsourcing the role, Bill has some amazing tips. He’ll also talk about cheesecake!

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Beginning as a recruiter for a national recruiting agency, Bill Raine quickly discovered that he and all the other recruiting agencies were competing for the same clients. First, it wasn’t easy to get a new client. Then, with so many companies calling on them, it was even more challenging to maintain long-standing relationships. Finally, with so many companies competing for the same clients, Bill needed another reason to regularly contact and speak with his clients outside of their immediate recruiting needs.

That’s when Bill had an idea – Cheesecakes!

Bill loves Cheesecake. Bill loves making Cheesecakes. Bill loves people. (That is an understatement if you know Bill.) That’s when Bill had the thought that if he made Cheesecakes for the clients he loves, his clients, in return, would love him. Bill was right.

Today, Bill Raine and Raine Recruiting are known for their delicious Cheesecakes that they provide to their faithful clientele. And although it has gotten harder to manage as they have grown to make so many cheesecakes, Bill is still committed to delighting his clients’ appetites for their tasty desserts. And that is why today, Raine Recruiting is known as “Des Moines Sweetest Staffing Agency!” Now we gotta ask you? When you are considering the competition, ask yourself, are they going to bring me a delicious Cheesecake?

The only way for manufacturers to stay competitive is to recruit, hire and retain a productive and sufficient workforce. Take a listen for some extremely unique and valuable tips. For more information, contact Bill at 515-421-4368 or email at Also, for refugee employment services, contact The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services Refugee Services at 515-875-5615 or EMBARC Iowa at / phone: 515-512-1881.

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