30 New Products, 11 Patents, 2 New Leaders. Feed Energy Takes Role of Helping Feed the World Seriously

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This jam-packed podcast with the brilliant Bob Riley (Doc Fat) weaves a tale that winds from regenerative farming and the amazing work of Liz Garst with White Rock Conservancy to Lisa Shulte Moore with C-Change at Iowa State University, an interdisciplinary research initiative to innovate around regenerative farming, to his own fascinating personal story of innovation at Feed Energy, whose organization has 11 patents, has created 30 products and still has 184 ideas sitting on the shelf waiting for lift off.

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Bob, now Chairman Emeritus of Feed Energy addresses his own struggle with building an innovative culture. He reminds the audience that innovation comes with risks. Lots of risks that include culture, execution, success, finances, chemistry, biology, customer relations and reputation. His ideas are rich and powerful, including an egg that he is certain could stop the progression of diabetes.

When asked what his greatest innovation was, he says he doesn’t innovate as much as he brings really good ideas together to build transformational solutions. One example was his work in bringing the ideas of Cornelia Flora, and her Community Capitals Framework to Des Moines. He is happily transitioning his company over to its two new leaders, Joe Riley and Scott Harrington who bring vastly different talents and perspectives to their roles which is building amazing bench strength for the future. When asked what he would change if given a magic wand, he says he would teach Polarity Thinking to third graders and teach everyone about symbolic logic. For more information about Feed Energy, go to www.feedenergy.com.

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