Bondurant doubled in 10 years and the Mayor announces new outdoor attractions

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What the heck is happening in Bondurant? From 2010 to 2020 they have nearly doubled their population size at a growth rate of 91%, making them the 2nd fastest growing city in the state, and with what would normally be growing pains taxes actually fell! Mayor Doug Elrod explains why young people are moving in, and the new recreation activities they’re planning for.

Doug Elrod, Mayor of Bondurant

Mayor Elrod also discusses why Amazon moved into town and the surprisingly positive impact that move had on the community. When it comes to entertainment, he explains that because residents have been vocal about their love for the outdoors, they have some exciting things planned for the future to maintain the small town’s outdoorsy feel. Attractions include a splash pad and amphitheater as reported by The Des Moines Register, but also outdoor water activities like paddle boarding and kayaking.

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Bondurant City Park Ice Ribbon

City Park is the most centralized park in the town and will soon be getting an upgrade with a splash pad, amphitheater, food truck area, and a 382 foot ice ribbon. What is an ice ribbon? We asked.

An ice ribbon is essentially an ice rink in racing track form. There’s no center, and the shape is more organic. So, instead of ice skaters going in the typical circle, ice skaters follow a wide track. The plan is in early stages, but the Bondurant ice ribbon is quite a big project. They are currently planning the piping and filling design underneath the ribbon. It will likely be maintained and kept smooth by a Zamboni you see at an ice rink, and ice skating rentals will likely be a feature as well.

The ice ribbon will surround the splash pad, so in the summer months, it’s likely they will convert the ice ribbon to something else. They’re still considering options.

Bondurant wants to maintain the small town feel

What does growth look like in the long term? Elrod was proud of how involved the community has been in growth plans. The most frequent feedback he hears is that people want to maintain their small town feel and love being outdoors. So, that’s what they’re planning for the future. Their goal is to balance rapid growth but not create the louder or higher traffic venues that typically may come with that growth. Elrod says the community will remain involved as they grow.

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