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  • Senators from both parties discuss new Iowa school choice law.

    Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a new school choice bill into law but what does it actually mean? Democrat Senator Nate Boulton and Republican Senator Brad Zaun explain what the new school choice bill means for Iowans. They have disagreements on this bill, of course, but they have a shared vision of helping children. […]

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  • Special: Will Keeps of Starts Right Here Shooting

    A message from Justin Brady, host of The Iowa Podcast: News broke today of a targeted shooting at Starts Right Here, an organization that helps kids that have challenging backgrounds. Two children have died and Will Holmes, whose stage name is Will Keeps, the organizations founder, was injured in the shooting. As of writing this, […]

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  • Expensive alcohol being purchased from store. Cash register shows a $103.92 total.

    Why is alcohol more expensive in Iowa?

    Why is Alcohol more expensive in Iowa?! Megan McKay, the founder, and CEO of Peace Tree Brewing Company explains Iowa’s nutty laws, why she started the company in Knoxville and announces their newest Iowa beer, 99 Pils. Why is alcohol more expensive in Iowa? Alcohol in Iowa is more expensive because of Iowa laws that […]

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