Finding the RIGHT People is Critical to Building and Maintaining a Great Culture

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Getting the right people on the bus is just as critical today as it was in 2001 when Jim Collins released “Good to Great.” I’m not sure he knew what the workforce climate in a post-pandemic world would look like, though. It is more difficult to recruit ANY employees today, even more so to recruit the RIGHT employees.

It’s very tempting to hire people regardless of “fit” to fill a position. The risk is the damage that can be done to the overall culture. If we do that too many times, we end up with a scued chemistry that can throw an entire trajectory off target. One of the critical aspects to ensuring proper “fit” is testing tools, personality assessments and predictive indexes. These tools exist and partnering with the partner that has access to a broad array and most effective methods is absolutely critical.

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The Results Group has a plethora of tools that are deployed in a very strategic manner. The proper tool differs for the role within the organization, the type of “match” you’re looking for and the skills you’re testing. We have all hired out of desperation and paid that price. When the cost of turnover is 30 – 40% of annual salary per employee, it becomes very expensive to make a mistake. Making that investment on the front end not only makes efficiency sense, but also financial sense. For ideas on the type of personality testing available to ensure proper fit, I recommend contacting Bryan Arzani and his team at Results Group. or