Where does service and value meet in the agriculture space?

Where can we find value in the agriculture space? Is it finding a product to plant that saves me a few bucks per acre? Is it finding a dealer who has a “full service” mindset that brings expertise to bear with the hard work of beloved farmers? Is it about knowing the best time to sell my
cash crop? Is it believing every promise a seed company makes about their product?

All of these are questions we need to answer as we pursue value. They are questions that apply to more than just the agriculture business. Many of us (me included) have a need to make sure that when I make a purchase, I get the best value. When it comes to items of $50 or less the idea of “customer service” isn’t very high on my priority list … I’m not real picky. When I am making a purchase of substantial value service and referral are very important. I need to be able to trust that when Murphy shows up I can rely on my team members (vendors) to stand
behind their product often asking them to go “above and beyond” the norm. All for the sake of value.

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Listen in as Doug Pooch takes us on a journey of remembering where some seed companies have come from, where we are today, and where it looks like we are going. We are in the pursuit of value. What value looks like for you is personal of course.

Regardless of the savings I do not believe anyone of us is interested in being left out to dry when something goes wrong with the product we purchase. This applies to seed, protection, field improvements, etc. When we spend a dollar, it must provide a return. Without that return
this business would not be sustainable.