She raised $1 million and shares digital marketing tactics you can use

Emily Steele, Founder of Hummingbirds

Emily Steele is the founder of Hummingbirds based in Iowa. She shares tactical ideas and strategies your small business can utilize to grow your following, and grow your business today. This interview is like a small business cheat code.

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What is Hummingbirds?

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Steele just had a successful raise of $1M to grow Hummingbirds and expand her unique model of digital marketing. The model connects small business marketing goals, to loyal users on social media who use the product and love it. This empowered word-of-mouth (EWOM) leads to more authentic online conversations that drive revenue to small businesses that use the platform.

Online advertising only gets a click-through rate of 0.5% or lower. No one likes ads, but consumers do like authentic word-of-mouth conversations around new products and services. That’s what Hummingbirds is all about.

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Emily Steele

Emily Steele is on a mission to connect individuals + business owners to create a bigger impact with their presence online and offline. For 10 years she’s been focusing on innovative ways to make a measurable difference from launching a local bike ride in Ghana that provided access to clean water to building FemCity Des Moines into one of the most successful networking groups in the country.

Hummingbirds is the manifestation of her ability to take an idea and mobilize it by getting the community on board.

Hummingbirds is a venture-backed marketing tech company. Learn more about Hummingbirds at their website.

Learn more about Emily right here, and check out the recent feature about her in The Des Moines Register.

Let’s go!

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