DMACC Creates Powerful Partnership to Create an Edge for Central Iowa Manufacturers

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Kim Didier with DMACC Business Resources, digs deep on DMACC’s solutions for manufacturers in Central Iowa. I’ll never forget a conversation I had with DMACC President Rob Denson years ago in which he revealed that he considers business and industry leaders his customers and his students his product. Without a close, deep relationship with business leaders, it is impossible for DMACC to create a quality product that satisfies the needs of those they serve.

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Recent additions to their manufacturing programs are “Leadership in Manufacturing” where students will Learn and expand leadership skills in this manufacturing and operations-focused series.The ideal candidate for this training would be those who are new to a leadership position or high potential in the areas of manufacturing, operations, technology, or distribution and supply chain. Forging partnerships to strategically fill workforce needs is what they do! This is just one example. Kim also describes Accu-Mold’s Scholars Program, a partnership to attract and retain tool and die makers.