Deep Experience will Create Amazing Resources for Central Iowa Manufacturers

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Marni Hockenberg. Membership Director of MakeDSM

The value of best practice sharing, collaborative problem solving and leveraged resources has never been greater. With the reverberations of the pandemic still rumbling, the latent supply chain issues and disjointed workforce, manufacturers need a resource they can turn to. Marni Hockenberg, founder of Gears and Gadgets in the Twin Cities, created and facilitated a group of amazing manufacturing leaders in the Twin Cities for over a decade. Returning to Central Iowa to care for her aging parents, Marni, in addition to the wonderful work she does in outplacement for executives in the area, has accepted the position of Membership Director for MakeDSM.

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Her experience, passion for the industry and tenacity make her the perfect person to do this work. Marni will be working to bring manufacturing leaders from Central Iowa together to galvanize the industry. Hear her story, learn about the differences in both the industry and overall culture between the Twin Cities and Des Moines.