Late in Life Career Pivot to Manufacturing – Just What She Needed!

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It takes a lot of bravery to begin a business. I think the bravery required to pivot to an entire industry later in life is even greater. Kris Howard with KSH Design Studio left a lifelong career in health care to pursue a manufacturing career a couple of years prior to the pandemic. Fortuitously, however, she had entrenched herself deeply in a few of the local chambers – including FuseDSM and the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce and established a strong brand as a vendor who requires no minimums and could turn her promotional products around quickly.

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Quality is a core value from which she refuses to stray. Both the quality of the products and the design standards she holds herself to keep her clients coming back and recommending KSH to others. Relying on referrals and repeat business, Kris has created a fantastic niche not only for herself, but for her husband. Joining her after his retirement, Kris has welcomed her husband onboard and invested in some fantastic new technologies to allow for expansion.

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