Technology in Manufacturing Construction Minimizes Downtime and Increases Safety

Lawrence Cunningham with Iowa Manufacturing Podcast host, Leisa Fox
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To anyone who has worked with them, Keen Project Solution’s rapid rise to success is no surprise. Utilizing the newest technologies, like virtual reality, Keen leaves very few phases of the construction process to the imagination. Being able to recreate a duplicate image of existing space, additions and buildouts become increasingly easier to manage. Listen to this interview with Lawrence Cunningham.

After proving themselves early on to Corteva, and securing a Managed Service agreement with the worldwide agriscience leader and manages construction projects all over the world for them. Their construction process allows leadership within the company to follow day-to-day progress in real time, which gives them complete control over the project and input as they go.

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Their innovation doesn’t stop with their construction process.  Unlike some General Contractors, Keen does much of the work themselves.  This requires a talented, hardworking team. Their Millwright Apprenticeship program grows some of the best construction talent in the US.  They have hired over 100 team members through this program.  Their goal isn’t to keep them as millwrights, but to get them out into the field managing projects as quickly as possible. 

A recent project with Beck’s Hybrid in Indiana resulted in an increase in production beyond what anyone fathomed.  This is due to their ability to finetune and improve throughout the entire project. They are a perfect fit for manufacturers because they live the lean lifestyle and are able to implement those strategies in all things.