How to hide fraud from Iowa’s State Auditor

State Auditor Rob Sand

Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand is very passionate about breakfast pizza: Casey’s or Kum and Go, which wins the crown for top spot? As of now, Kum N Go remains at the top by offering all day breakfast pizza, something Casey’s does not deliver. However, Sand confirms “zero tax payer dollars are put into breakfast pizza”. This hobby is kept off the clock, so what does Sand and the rest of the office do, and how would one hide fraud from him (just in case).

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Rob Sand, Iowa State Auditor

According to Sand, the question “what does the auditor’s office do?” is his most asked question. Essentially, the auditor’s office is the taxpayers watchdog to ensure there is no public corruption happening. With a background as a prosecutor, his prior career had him working hand in hand with the Auditor’s office. Before he was the state auditor it was his job as an attorney to decide if the causes were meant to be prosecuted. Now, he is on the other side, conducting the investigations and a few other jobs, including one that he has personally added himself called PIE.

With Sand in charge there are three main things the office focuses on every day. First is administering financial statement audits. The second is to investigate public corruption. No matter the agency,  state or local level, if it is brought to their attention, an investigation will be conducted. The last is something Sand called PIE, which is promoting public innovation and efficiency. 

PIE serves the sole purpose of saving taxpayers money and making the government more efficient. Sand says Iowa is the first state to take on this model, but other state government agencies are beginning to adapt this, with Mississippi being the first. This is something Sand believes Iowans should be proud of no matter their political affiliation. 

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Rob Sand on Political Polarization

Political beliefs and affiliations have become incredibly polarizing in today’s climate, causing divides in the media and personal lives. Sand made it clear throughout the interview that no matter the letter behind his name, every single person and party is going to be held accountable. His number one goal is to ensure laws are not being broken and taxpayers’ money is being used appropriately. 

Sand said that questions in his office are never “what party are they in” but rather “is this appropriate, and can the money actually be spent this way.” Listen to the episode to understand more in-depth how this is possible in today’s political climate.

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