Agriculture or Ag Business associations in Iowa; What should we ask our candidates?

In this insightful interview with Bill Northey, a representative from the Agribusiness Association of Iowa, essential topics related to agriculture in the state are discussed. The conversation spans trade, technology, regulations, biologics, and the role of the association in addressing these concerns.

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Trade: Bill Northey emphasizes the significance of trade for Iowa’s agricultural sector. The state often produces more agricultural products than it can consume domestically, necessitating trade, especially with countries like China. The conversation highlights the need to remove trade barriers, reduce tariffs, and promote trade agreements to benefit agriculture and the nation.

Technology: We delve into the role of technology in agriculture, with a particular focus on CRISPR technology. Bill Northey highlights how this technology can enhance crop resistance to pests and diseases. Responsible adoption of this technology is essential, requiring government support and well-defined regulations.

Regulations: Clear and effective regulations are crucial for the agricultural industry. The conversation addresses how complex regulations can introduce uncertainty and hinder long-term investments in new technologies. The need for logical, transparent, and effective regulations is emphasized.

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