Recruiting and retaining employees through accessible healthcare

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Interview with BJ Spyksma, Aplos Health

BJ Spyksma, founder of Aplos Health describes a revolutionary system to retain and recruit employees through healthcare options. He explains how it saves employers money and time, creates peace of mind and powerful recruitment and retention tool. 

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Over the years, healthcare has fallen squarely on the backs of employers. It is more critical than ever that it be competitive, accessible and effective. The current fully funded model is driving cost of health care higher and is concerned less about outcomes and more about profitability for the insurance carriers and facilities. A self-funded model that includes Direct Primary Care Coupled with technology, better plan designs, and transparent partners, changes everything.

One of the most important things in employees’ lives is their health and the health of their loved ones. To provide 24-hour urgent care access and concierge medical care quarterbacking medical issues with a network of world class providers could be just what every employer needs to recruit and retain employees in this difficult labor market. Manufacturers can’t do much to provide a “virtual work environment”, so this could be the differentiator they need to compete. It creates an affordable, and accessible health care plan that brings personalized medicine to industries that are the heart and soul of Iowa’s economy, like manufacturing and construction. 

In a cutting-edge partnership, and are building an amazing network of best-in-class providers to improve the user experience and the value employers are driving to their employees and their families. Join employers on June 27th and 28th at 9am at the Ron Pearson Center for a preview of this revolutionary health care solution beginning in Central Iowa. Click here to register:

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