Improve Your Employee Retention in 15 Minutes

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On this podcast with 25 year recruiting veteran Jim Roy, we’ll learn that the first 15 minutes of the onboarding process has a huge impact on the retention of that employee. Did you know that 86% of new employees decide whether to stay with the new organization within the first few months? That 22% said receiving a proper induction and onboarding influenced their decision to look elsewhere? and that 58% of new employees are more likely to stay beyond three years after a structured onboarding experience.

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Using simple tactics like a warm welcome that includes a greeting at the door, a tour of the space, preparing the team for their arrival and a welcome message on the screen can have a marked difference in their first impression. A short meeting with key leaders can create a sense of belonging, humanize the team structure, display leadership’s investment and show the new hire how they fit into the big picture.

I am reminded of tours I’ve had of United Equipment Accessories and Stellar Industries where Mark Hanawalt and Dave Zrostlik Knew all the employees’ names and greeted them as we toured the facilities. That personal relationship goes a long way to build loyalty and show appreciation to a transient workforce. For more information on how to create a powerful onboarding experience and build loyalty in the first 15 minutes, contact Jim Roy at 816-668-8853 or email at

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